Preethish Hegde 

Ashish - Active Building Management

Preethish Hegde

Service Manager

About Preethish

Preethish brings a wealth of experience and a diverse skill set to his role as Service Manager at Active Building Management. With backgrounds in renewable energy, hospitality, and commercial cleaning, he has a deep understanding of various industries and their operational intricacies.

His career is driven by a passion for continuous learning and growth, evident in his proactive approach to improving and expanding his skills. While Preethish harbors the eventual goal of returning to the hospitality sector, he is currently dedicated to enhancing his expertise and contributing meaningfully to the success of Active Building Management alongside an exceptional team.

Beyond work, Preethish is an individual who enjoys exploring interests such as golf, multiple sports, culinary adventures in the kitchen, and immersing himself in captivating reads. You’ll often find him unwinding with a drink after work, showcasing his culinary prowess, and enjoying quality downtime