Stevie Gaut

Ashish - Active Building Management

Stevie Gaut

Team Leader

About Stevie

Stevie joined the Active Team after relocating to Auckland from Queenstown. His previous experience lies in property management, and before that, he held various positions in the hospitality sector. These roles supported his exceptional work ethic, nurtured his great eye for detail, and helped him to connect with a wide range of people. 

“There are a lot of similarities between the roles I’ve held in different sectors over the past 20+ years; dealing with people on a daily basis and managing their expectations, putting clients’ minds at rest with any concerns they may have while answering any queries with confidence. Teamwork is paramount; working together with individuals as one entity, towards a common goal.  Time management is also a main factor; being able to prioritise tasks on any given day in a forever evolving landscape – no two days are the same. Building management is challenging, and at the same time, very rewarding. 

My interests include fitness, music, and good wine & food; equally comfortable sweating it out at the gym, behind a set of turntables, or relaxing with a glass of vino in front of the TV!”