Jared Freeland

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Jared Freeland

Building Manager

About Jared

Jared came from the property management industry, and before that, held various jobs in the hardware and automotive fields while studying media/communications at Auckland University. Jared then joined Active and believes that the building management industry will be forever challenging and extremely rewarding. 

“There’s nothing quite like the level of planning, logistics, people and time management; and sheer efficiency in communication which we need to manage the infrastructure of our buildings, working closely with Body Corporates, tradesmen and regulators to ensure things all run smoothly. Our role is a varied one, even on a quiet day.

I’ve always had a strong (some might say ‘obsessive’) interest in reading, podcasting, and politics. My life-long fascination with the automobile – which I currently own 5 – also takes up most of my time outside of working hours. I believe that in life, we are required to do the best we can with the talents and skills we are given.”