If you have just moved in to one of the buildings we manage, Welcome! It’s great to have you here. The following are basic reminders to ensure the building is a safe, clean, compliant and enjoyable place to live or work:

What we do:

Our role as building managers is to look after the common areas of the building, ensure residents are complying with body corporate rules and the general management of the building. If you have issues inside your apartment, you will need to contact your landlord or property manager.
Please ask your landlord or property manager for a full copy of the Body Corporate Rules.

Moving In/Out:

Please contact Active Building Management at least 24 hours prior to moving in/out so we can inform you of moving protocols, meter readings, building rules and any other enquiries you may have.


Do not put washing, rubbish or satellite dishes on your balcony at all times. Balconies must only contain proper outdoor furniture, well maintained barbeques and potted plants. Balconies are not to be used as storage over-flow from your apartment.


Unless stated otherwise in the body corporate rules, pets are not allowed on site at any time. If pets are permitted, they must be approved and registered by the body corporate.


Facilities such as gymnasiums, pools and BBQ areas are for the enjoyment of residents. Please follow all rules and guidelines while using these areas.


Residents are responsible for the security of the building at all times. Please ensure you do not allow people in to the building that you do not know. If you lose your swipe tag or remote, notify builing management immediately.


You are responsible for your guests and their behaviour at all times.


Be considerate to your neighbours with regards to noise. Please report any excessive noise to local council noise control, then notify building management. As a guideline, please ensure noise is kept to a minimum during the period of 10pm – 6am.


Do not litter in common areas of the building. Do not leave rubbish outside your apartment, keep it inside or take it directly to the rubbish area. Ensure you double-bag your rubbish so it does not leak on common property.


Common areas of the building are smoke free. If you must smoke in your apartment, ensure you use an ashtray. Do not throw butts from your balcony or out of your window as this may cause a fire.

Fire Alarm/Evacuation:

In the event of cooking smoke, do not open your apartment door as the smoke will activate the common area smoke detectors, causing a fire alarm and evacuation of the building. False alarms are billable to the occupant that caused the evacuation. In the event of an evacuation, please remain calm and follow the builing evacuation procedure.


You may only park in your designated parking space. If you park in another space, on yellow lines or in a “no parking zone” you risk being towed away, at your own expense.

Common Areas:

The common areas of a building are defined as any part of the building that is not private property. The inside of an apartment is private property. Common areas include lobbies, lifts, hallways, communal courtyards, recreational facilities, stairwells and utility cupboards.


If you are aware that a resident or guest is acting in an illegal or inappropriate manner, please notify the Police and building management.

If you feel that a resident or guest is not following these guidelines, please contact the building manager.

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